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The Sweat Method™

Join The Sweat Method exclusive online  community. Stay on track with your workouts from home while staying in total alignment. The unique method combines HIIT, yoga, sculpt, & reiki.

Transform by The Sweat Method™

12 week group program to seriously transform your body and mind and love what you see when you look in the mirror. 

Starts September 21st. Apply today.

Reiki Trainings

My Reiki 1 & 2  trainings prepare you to be a reiki practitioner and teach you how to integrate reiki into your business.

Get on the waitlist for November 14th & 15th  training.

Private Healing Session

Book a private virtual reiki session with Jess.

About Me

Hey, I'm Jess - yoga teacher, reiki master. I specialize in helping women build muscle and shed fat while stepping into total alignment. 

I founded The Sweat Method in 2019 combining yoga, HIIT, and sculpt along with reiki energy work. It's since grown into a thriving online membership community.

I live just outside of New York City with my husband. I’m obsessed with yoga, traveling to warm places like Bali and Tulum (no snow for me thanks). 

I’m an extroverted introvert so when I am not teaching workout classes, I am happiest at home hanging out with my family and friends.

"Jess has such a calming, grounding presence that instantly relaxes me. Her reiki meditations lead me into a state of deep peace and inspiration, and I find myself referencing back to that state for all the ideas and insights that come through while I’m in it. She even helped me access my ability to channel guides and ancestors! I’m so grateful that I get her reiki support in my workouts too, it’s my favorite part."

Graciela R.
Intuitive Energy Healer & Human Design Guide

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